Quality Assurance

Our stringent quality control measures ensure accuracy consistency, reliability, and precision of reported test results.


We operate within the most stringent of international standards to ensure the quality of our finished products.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) aims to ensure
consistency, reliability, accuracy and precision of all products formulations manufactured by BLG Labs. Our quality management system is directly overseen by the company’s management team. We regularly audit our own systems and facilities to ensure the highest standards are upheld.

All raw materials and finished products tested for quality, by a independent third party lab: to ensure they meet our high standards.

International standard for quality management systems helping to achieve, fully traceable, high quality products.

Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) principles is an internationally recognised method of identifying and managing food safety risk.

ISO Class 7 Cleanroom which utilizes HEPA filtration systems to maintain air cleanliness levels of a maximum of 10,000 particles (≥0.5µm) per cubic foot.

Stamp of Approval by Rabbinic Agency verifying they have checked the products ingredients, production facility to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non kosher substances.

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